Mathematics normal distribution

Question 1: What proportion of a normal distribution is located between z Question 2: If the sample size is increased, then the standard error for sample means will increase. (T/F)
Question 3: A sample of n=4 scores is selected from a population with µ=40 and σ = 8, and the sample mean is M=43. What is the standard error for the sample mean?
Question 4: What proportion of the normal distribution is located in the tail beyond z = 1.50.
Question 5: What combination of factors will produce the largest value for standard error?
Question 6: The middle a 95% of a normal distribution is located between z = +1.96 and z = – 1.96. (T/F)
Question 7: A z-score of z = + 1.00 always indicates a location exactly 1 standard deviation above the mean. (T/F)
Question 8: The area under the normal curve should equal to     .
Question 9: The mean for the distribution of sample means is always equal to mean for the population from which the samples are obtained. (T/F)
Question 10: For a normal distribution, proportions in the left-hand tail are positive, and proportions in the right-hand tail are negative (T/F)
Question 11: The purpose of the Z score or standard scores is to identify and describe the        location of each score in the distribution.
Question 12: For a population with a mean of μ = 60 and a standard deviation of σ = 8, a score of X = 56 corresponds to z = – 0.50. (T/F)
Question 13: Computing the z-score for the Sample is the same procedure as for the Population with a significant difference?
Question 14: A sample of n=16 is selected from a population with a mean of 80 and a SD of 20. On average, how much error would be expected between the sample mean and the population mean?
Question 15: The Unit Normal Table is only usable under various conditions, the most important being?
Question 16 :Last week Tom got a score of X=54 on a Math test µ = 60 and  σ = 8. He also got X=49 on the English exam with a µ =55 and σ = 3, and he got a X=31 on his Psychology exam with a µ = 37 and a σ = 4. For which class should Tom expect the best grade?
Question 17 :Scores on the SAT form a normal distribution with a mean of µ = 500 with SD = 100. If the state college only accepts students who score in the top 60% on the SAT, what is the minimum score needed to be accepted.
Question 18 : Which the following z-scores represents the location farthest from the mean?