Mobile App Mock-up Using InVision

Order Description

For this project, you will create a mock-up mobile app for your chosen brand. First, you need to go through the Tutorial in the module to learn how to make a mock-up app using InVision ( and save the link of the practice mock-up app for submission. Then, consider the questions specific to your chosen brand. And finally, create a mock-up app for your chosen brand using InVision. You may review the Tutorial whenever needed.

The questions to consider for your chose brand:

Who are the target users?
What are the goals of my brand-owned mobile app?
What are the functions of my app and how are they related to the consumer’s needs?
How does the app’s flowchart look like?
What kind of visual appearance should I have for my app?
For Question 5, you may refer to a website, where you can easily create your visuals. Or, you may use the brand’s original design and modify it for your mock-up app.

Your project report should include the following:

A URL link to practice mock-up app of Starbucks in InVision.
A URL link to your brand-owned mock-up mobile app.
A description of the functions of your mock-up app with screenshots aside for visual illustration.
The reasoning behind the app functions in light of your perception how the functions would meet the user’s needs.
Any inspirations or difficulties that you encountered in this project.