Open Service Innovation Platform

This coursework will enable the students to apply the concept of Open Service Innovation Platform in their own business organization or department. It shall boost one’s skills in creative thinking leading to functional innovation.
Important Notes to Students:
Just like in everyworkplace, time constraint is everyone’s greatest enemy. Yet, it is on this constraint that many people have created innovative ideas. Time is of essence in this work. This activity is allotted for Weekend’s timetable. Lastly, ask your self, are you a promoter or spoiler of innovation? A promoter will always start the work immediately.
1. Write an Open Service Innovation Platform in your organization or department.
2. Think of any creative ideas that will give your organization the competitive advantage.
3. Don’t be afraid to put your ideas on paper. Remember successful ideas started as “weird” ideas.
4. Ask, read, and search. Use every tool available to you to bring your ideas to a good marketable concept.
5. Acknowledge other’s ideas (book, URL) that are put in your paper. Be aware of the rules of plagiarism.
1. Write a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 pages Paper, of Graduate School standard.
2. Use 12 size font; space at 1.5, margin at 1 inch.
3. Write a cover page. (this is not included in the 3-5paper requirement)
Follow the format below using the acceptable standard of writing report.
I Introduction
Brief Introduction about the company or department. (It should not be more than half page)
II The Existing System
Briefly discuss the existing system in the organization or department. From the existing system, identify areas that need to be improved or are weak that have resulted in low customer satisfaction. You may write a maximum of 3 areas. Explain why these need to be improved. Be specific.You may consider the whole system as weak system as well.
III The Proposed Framework of the System
How do you go about the problem of the existing system? What are your ideas? Explain how it work. What are limitations and constraints? Why are your ideas better? What assure you that your ideas will work?
IV Promoters or Spoilers
Are there innovation promoters in your ideas? Are there innovation spoilers in your ideas? Explain
V Expectations
What are your expectations regarding your new ideas? Where would it lead to?


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