operation and management


operation and management

Choose an organization that you have been a customer of, are familiar with, or one you would like to research. Write a management report that analyses the operations strategy under the following questions:

1. From the perspective of the supply chain manager, describe the wider supply network of which this organisation is part. Describe the components that comprises this network and describe the flows, both physical and informational, between these components.
A diagram of the wider supply network should be offered.
10 marks

2. a. From the perspective of the operations manager, with the use of appropriate symbols, draw a process map of the operation to illustrate the steps/activities that make up the operation with clear indication of the process flow. Symbols used must be clearly defined.

b. Provide a narrative for the diagram including vital details such as time taken to complete each step and how important each step is to the entire operation (i.e. value added or non-value added?).
30 marks

3. a. Using a product/service or a family of products/services produced by your chosen organisation, define the concept, package and process of such product(s)/service(s).

b. Analyse the operations within this organization using the Four V’s. What are the order winning and the order qualifying factors?
30 Marks

4. Identify any potential wastes (‘muda’) within that operation and suggest possible changes that can be made to improve the operation performance. Is there anything you would do differently if you were the operations manager?
Draw a new process map that incorporates your suggested improvement.
30 marks
The recommended word length is 2500 words (not including appendices and list of references, which should be in Harvard format) and your answer should be written in the style of a management report.

You are expected to apply Operations and Systems theories and concepts to your chosen organisation in order to answer the questions posed. Use of diagrams and supporting examples from your chosen case is vital.

Provide a little background information about the organisation as an appendix to your report.

A discussion board will be set up through the module blackboard site. Please post your questions there (rather than sending emails) and your queries will be answered there. Before you post a query, please check to ensure that the query has not been sent by someone else (and thus answered) already. All questions should be posted by 03/03/2015 and any queries after this date will not be answered.
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