Phase 4 (DB) Instructions Pt 1:

The interviewing process can seem a little overwhelming, partly because people are often unsure about how to answer questions that are posed by the interviewer. It may help to think about the questions from a category perspective. If the employer is looking for a specific type of employee who is skilled in a specific category, they may ask pointed questions trying to confirm your qualifications for that particular skills category.

Think about yourself from a professional perspective. This is not the time to talk about your family, age, religion, marital status, and so forth. (These are questions that an employer is not permitted to ask, so why give them this information?)

For this assignment, you will answer 1 question from each of the categories listed below. Please take prepare your answers as though you are actually in the interview.

Would you please take some time to tell me a little bit about yourself?
Are you a leader? (Select 1)
Give an example of you leading others. How were you successful? What would you do differently?
Describe a recent people problem that you dealt with. What did you do? What was the result?
Tell about a time when you took an unpopular stand on a significant matter.
Are you results-driven?
What is the most important thing you have done to grow yourself professionally? What prompted you?
Thinking, analysis, and solutions (Select 1)
Give an example of making an important decision under time pressure. What was the solution? The options considered? The outcome? What would you do differently?
Think of recent decisions you made—one that was good and one that was bad. What were the solutions? What would you do differently?
Describe your analytical style. Describe your approach to solving a very important and complex question.
Collaboration, teamwork and diversity (Select 1)
What are some effective ways to gain the support of your coworkers, peers, or teammates?
Describe a time when your diplomacy skills were put to the test.
Communications and listening
What would you do if I began a discussion by saying something with which you strongly disagree?
Planning and prioritization (Select 1)
Give an example of when you had to schedule a project. How did you plan and prepare for it? What time line did you set? How well did it go?
Describe an occasion where you did not anticipate and adjust for roadblocks in planning work. Why did it happen? What impact did it have on the project? What would you do differently next time?



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