In his essay �The Matrix as Metaphysics,� David Chalmers argues against the matrix as a skeptical hypothesis by arguing instead that it is merely a

metaphysical hypothesis. Critically evaluate some aspect of Chalmers� essay. To what extent is his response a successful response to skeptical

Please write five full pages.
Helpful tips for writing a better paper:
The question suggest issues to consider and questions to ponder. But the task of deciding what you want to argue remains. You should develop a

specific thesis and defend your thesis with arguments. This paper is not like an examination answer. No good essay merely summarizes what you have

read and then offers points of comparison � every acceptable essay integrates its remarks into an argument of its own. Exposition of the views of

others should always be part of your argument for your thesis.

Marking will be based on how well the thesis is defended and on how well the paper is written. A good paper should show intellectual integrity and

struggle. It must also take seriously objections to the thesis. The objections must be developed as arguments. If there are relevant passages from

the assigned readings that are relevant, these should be cited and discussed. In general, it should be intelligent, logical and careful. The paper

should also be well organized and grammatically competent.

To help you in organizing your thinking and writing, you should be able to answer the following questions about your paper after you have

completed your rough draft:
1. What is it that you are trying to maintain or prove in your paper?
2. What is the main argument for your thesis?
3. What is the most important objection to your thesis that you should consider? Formulate the objection or criticism as an argument.
What is your argument in response to the objection mentioned in question 3?
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