“plato: euthyphro”

Note: Since each question are specifically related to certain paragraph of reading, please read attached file thoroughly

before you answer those 5 questions!
Q1: Explain what wrong with the kind of answer Euthyphro gives at Page 5 d and e paragraph
Q2: take a few sentences to explain this reply at 8c-9c, this re play leads to a further question: is Socrates suggesting

that justice and injustice are not objective characteristics, but just reflect our particular value?
Q3:Do you think that “piety” and “cancer” have natures of the same sort?
Q4: understanding and Interpreting the difficult pint made in the passage 10a-11b,
Q5: Explain as simply and clearly as you can why the passage in 10a-11b give us an argument that the “pious” is not

identical with “god-loved”

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