Pop Culture Analysis #1: Little Mosque on the Prairie

1. In my religion and culture course, the instructor need the students to analyse the episodes using academic theories. Episode here is for Little Mosque on the Prairie. Watch Little Mosque on the Prairie (Season 4 Episode 16, “Keeping the Faith” and Season 4, “Episode 17: Farewell to Amaars”) and comment on them in light of the Forbes and Mahan typology, drawing on the issues we have looked at in class. You can stream these episodes on the CBC website at:http://www.cbc.ca/littlemosque/episodes.php?sid=4&eid=416.

2. Each episode is 20 minutes long. You will find that watching at least the first 10 minutes of Zarqa Nawaz’s 2005 documentary Me and the Mosque (available to stream or download at (http://www.nfb.ca/film/me_and_mosque) will help you with this assignment.

3. Think about Forbes and Mahan’s typology. Start by asking yourself: does Little Mosque fit the typology? If so, what characteristics of religion’s engagement with popular culture are present here?
Describe how this television show does or does not fit into each one of the four categories (Religion in Popular Culture; Popular Culture in Religion; Popular Culture as Religion; Religion and Popular Culture in Dialogue). You must provide specific examples from the show to support your arguments. If you do not feel the show fits a category explain in detail why not.

4. I will upload Forbes and Mahan’s paper for typology, and The Oriental Monk in American Popular Culture by Jane Naomi Iwamura which is the various ways Little Mosque addresses orientalism. And course notes will be helpful as well.

5. Outside sources are not available here for the Pop Culture Analysis. It is important to hold that in completing the paper. Also, there is no need for citation or a bibliography with the assignment.