Project Management EVM Topic 2


Topic 2: Ethics and Responsibility

Read the article found in the Webliography listed as Unit 4 Discussion Topic 2 Editorial. Consider the premise that there are many “arrogant” managers in industry today and this is having an adverse effect on the ability to provide good leadership in organizations. Can arrogance lead to “jumping-to-conclusions” and is such behavior detrimental to the success of projects?

Take a position either supporting this stated premise or, objecting to it. Your position should include all of the following:

present your position with your stated premise
show your knowledge of the issue by including these elements:
how you comprehend the issue
how your perspective applies in the PM professions
show good referenced analysis to draw a conclusion through synthesis
test that conclusion with either anecdotal or referenced evidence independent from your analysis to validate your concluded position in support of your premise.
Be sure to substantiate your position with referenced citation (other than the article). Write your initial post according to APA format using citations/examples to substantiate your position and give credit to your references at the bottom of your post. Be sure to synthesize your analysis of the reading as a conclusion and then evaluate your synthesis.