Conceptually define success for ., Affordable Care Act, and D.A.R.E.

Based on the conceptual definition, operationally define success for each of the above programs and provide appropriate variables/measures.

Please note that operationally defined success refers to the mission (just as the conceptual definition) not the organization, itself.    For example, if success is defined as ensuring that children are properly immunized (conceptual definition), then you would not describe the operations of the program (if there were one), but rather define the conceptual definition as something measurable–the number of children that are vaccinated (or not vaccinated)–an operational definition.  These would also be the appropriate measures.

Take a different program–a tougher one

Definition of success (conceptually): Prevention of terrorist attacks on US soil
Operational definition of success that could mean how many terrorist attacks on US soil.  It could also mean, how many attacks were thwarted.  Both of those are quantifiable variables: the number of attacks on US soil and the number of thwarted attacks on US soil..

That is all that you needed to do.  No need for any other commentary, background, etc.  You are not writing term papers, so all this other information is unnecessary at least, given how the assignment is written.

Hope this helps!
Based on the operational definition of success of any of the programs listed in assignment 1, find appropriate secondary data that could be entered into a spreadsheet or statistics program like SPSS or PSPP.  DO NOT USE A WEB PAGE OR ARTICLE WITH TABLES AND GRAPHS THAT ILLUSTRATE THE SECONDARY DATA. USE ACTUAL RAW DATA!

Any Excel data could be easily imported into either of these programs. Do not forget you also need data for a baseline.

Discuss why you chose the data you selected and why it might be inadequate (hint: alternative factors).

Attempt to import the data (or copy and paste it) and upload it with the written part of the assignment. If the data is not easily imported, cite where you found the data.

If you cannot find appropriate data, list at least 5 appropriate web sites that you checked for data, and be specific about the type of data you were looking for.


Review Chapter 3 from Sweet & Grace-Martin, and do the exercises at the end (the problems start on page 69.)
There are comments in blue (Sweet & Grass-Martin reading) to help navigate the reading and exercises using PSPP–if you have SPSS, just follow the normal instructions.
Find two research articles from a reputable peer-reviewed journal(s): One article must be on factors affecting Suicide while the other will be on the topic of racism.

You must be able to identify the data, how it was analyzed, and what the findings where.  If these are not included, the article could either be prescriptive or theory-oriented.  This is not to say these are not important, but they are not the types of articles you are to use for this assignment.

You will receive credit for each research article you submit.  If one or both of the articles are not research-oriented, then you will need to submit new articles.

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