Select a company that has several product divisions or strategic business units (SBUs). Remember, an SBU is an internal division or product line that has its own distinct mission and competitors which operates somewhat independently from the rest of the company.


General Electric, Proctor and Gamble, and Ford Motor Company are examples of companies with multiple SBUs.

Choose one product from your chosen company, and write a product market analysis (PMA).

A PMA is a three to four page analysis of how the product is being placed in the market. The following components should be included: MBA 5871, Business to Business Marketing 41. Provide background information about the company and its SBUs.

2. Describe the product you have chosen to analyze. What other products in the company’s product line are in competition with your chosen product?

3. Identify the target market for the product. How is the product being positioned in the market?

4. Describe the pricing strategies being used for this product.

5. Describe the distribution channels used to serve the product’s market segment. What role does the Internet play in the company’s supply chain management operations?



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