This assignment is meant to help you increase your critical thinking and writing skills in accordance with the UNST goals of Communication and Critical Thinking. However depending on your own responses to the various parts of the assignment it may also relate to the other two goals of Ethical and Social Responsibility or The Diversity of Human Experience.

For this assignment you must use TWO scholarly sources to make your arguments. That is for each piece (Advertising, Television and Film) you need two scholarly sources. You may use any of the texts from Popping Culture for one of the sources, but you must also find another source.

Steps for Television Show/Series Analysis 800-1,000 words (3-5 pages) assignment.

Analyze a current television series or show. How is the show/series marketed and to whom? What position does the show/series have in the ratings? When does it air? What cultural myths does the show/series embody? What kinds of beliefs, behaviors, or ways of relating to the world does the show/series condone or discourage? What cultural myths are in play? For example, does the show promote heteronormativity? Social class analysis? white privilege? gender stereortypes? Who/what is left out of the show? Why?