Film assignment – double spaced, 12 ARIAL font

Please pick one of the following movies to watch and and base your answers on –

1. Schindlers Lists (anti semitism, genocide)
2. billy Elliott (sexism,homophobia, adult ism)
3. Boys Don’t Cry (sexism, homophobia)
4. Kite Runner (classism, homophobia, racism)
5 . remember the Titans ( racism)


1. What impact did this film have on you? How did it make you feel? Please use both primary and secondary emotions to express yourself (5marks)

2. What did you and your partner discuss when the film was over (5 marks) *** please just write what you would talk about with someone, I didn’t get a partner **

3. How would someone from the structural functionalist paradigm analyze the film (20marks)

4. How would someone from the social conflict paradigm analyze the film (20marks)

5. How would someone from the symbolic interactionist paradigm analyze the film? (20marks)

6. Choose a concept that you have learned and analyze or demonstrate this concept in relation to the film you watched (10marks) *** please use the concept of Role conflict


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