Statement of the Problem/Concept Paper


Investigating Adult Perceptions of Educational Travel Experiences as a Way of Motivating Secondary Educational At-Risk Students: A Non-Experimental Quantitative Cross-sectional Survey Study
Concept Paper
? Your task is to think of this as a Dissertation Topic you want to write on and begin a concept paper with just giving me this one things for now:
(1) Statement of the Problem; remember
• 250 to 300 words
• Reference should be no older than 5 years, and should be peer-review articles
• The problem statement is a brief discussion of a problem or observation succinctly identifying and documenting the need for and importance of the study.
• The problem is something that prompts the need for your research. The problem must align with your purpose.
• The first sentence should have more than one peer-reviewed reference to the problem; preferably three or four.

Definition of Terms
At-risk students. Students with little or no motivation in school who are struggling to find relevance of their day to day prescribed school studies, and are at-risk of dropping out of school.
Secondary education students. Adolescents between the ages of 14 and 19.