Research Progress Report:
You will submit a 4-5 page progress report on your research project. You should include within this progress report: a restatement of your initial research question with discussion on any modifications that may have been made, the status of your data collection including both the limitations and well as the strengths of your chosen methodology, a synopsis of at least three statistical tools that will be utilized in the final research project, and a revised timeline with a discussion on any adjustments which have been made since the submission of the research plan.
Noted : Can you please add some graphs and excel works on this research progress report to show the professor how you are going to collect and use the data information from those male an female students? Can you provide as much graphs and excel works as you can if you think it is necessary? Besides of that, I also uploaded the file of another feedback with question from my professor on the Research Plan.
Here are two questions that my professor had asked:
1. “How will you find them? Why Yale and not City University of Seattle? It is easy to reach City University of Seattle students!”
2. Can you please choose a survey or poll for evaluation. Provide the weblink where other students and the instructor can access the chosen article. Then, discuss how you go about assessing the credibility of that particular survey or poll.