Substance Use Assessment

J.J. is a 16-year-old female who started drinking when she was 12 years old. She has been through an intensive rehabilitation program and attends

the local high school. Her mother brought her to the outpatient clinic to get help for her substance abuse problem.

Instructions for situations:
1. In your group wiki page write/discuss about the following for each given situation above:
a. developmental, age, socioeconomic, and cross-cultural aspects that should be considered during the gathering of subjective and objective data

and for the provision of health care
b. relate expected findings to the findings describe
c. develop a teaching plan (with one objective, 3 interventions and strategies and outcome)
for the main problem identified.
2. Discuss among your group how to divide the questions for the initial entry to the wiki page. Use the group blog for this discussion by creating

a blog entry entitled Wiki Group Discussion. The blog entries are not your wiki posts.
3. Be creative in your wiki posts. Remember that you can use multimedia in wiki…you can use pictures, video clips, chart…but accompany those with

4. Your post must include citations. Reference list must be found at the end of the group wiki page.
5. Initial post is not enough. Remember that in Wiki you can add, edit or even delete information that is posted. Just be cautious is deleting and

do it for good reason: to improve your wiki the content or even lay-out of your wiki page.
6. Most importantly, there should only be ONE wiki page for the group. You can add, edit or delete wiki’s entries by clicking the “edit wiki”

found in the upper right hand corner of your wiki page.

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