Summer internship application


Research experiences In a text box in the online application, provide a list of any research experience(s) you have had. List the university at which you received the experience and the name of the professor and/or class that offered the opportunity. In 2-3 sentences, describe the project(s) and your responsibilities with it. No research experience is required, but feel free to list any class projects, writing assignments, research methods courses data sets you analyzed, etc.
Statement about you You will upload a document that includes the following short answers:
WHO: Tell us about yourself. What are your career interests and goals? Describe one life experience or interesting fact about yourself that helped inspire those goals. (150 words max)
WHY: Describe a meaningful research or educational experience that has contributed to your career aspirations. (150 words max)
WHAT: Write briefly about one phenomenon, principle, or effect in psychology you find interesting and explain why it interests you. (150 words max)
GET CREATIVE: When you read the news, watch your friends, or think about yourself, can you think of one way in which a person’s desires, motivations, hopes, or fears lead him or her to literally see the world in a different way than someone else? When or why would someone have a different visual experience than someone else? (150 words max)
Transcript Upload an official or unofficial transcript.
Letter of recommendation Please request one letter of recommendation from a faculty member with whom you have worked, taken a class, or to whom you have been an advisee. We encourage you to select a faculty member who knows you well.
Curriculum Vita


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