The Cask Of Amontillado


The Cask Of Amontillado

1)For example the idea of they are mimicking each other’s words may be view as one person speaks something and both personalities hear it and understand it differently.
2) There is no mention in the story about searching for a body or worried relatives. That could be another tip that there was no second person in the story.
3)I interpreted that at the end Montresor explaining a priest how he turn away from being a sinner and become a good man by “killing” the bad person inside him.
4) When a person reads this story first time, it is the point of view of Fortunato, like an ignorant pursuer trying to understand what is going on. When a person reads the story second time it is more likely the point of view of Montresor, like a very prepared killer knows exactly what is going on. That makes another point for my thesis because the story is first person point of view but readers may get two different point of views, like one person hold two personality.
5)The ancestors catacomb that Fortunato is buried. Montresor is very proud of his family and that catacomb. That catacomb shouldn’t be a resting place for a person doesn’t belong his family

– Research: Your paper should include a minimum of four sources, all of which should be suitable for academic use (you can determine the reliability of your source by features such as the source’s credentials, objectivity, and bibliography.) Your inclusion of the source must serve to further your argument. Avoid simply cataloging the opinions of your sources. Make sure that you are not plagiarizing: quotations and paraphrasing must be cited, as does all information that is not common knowledge.


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– College-level writing:Your paper must be logically structured (one point per paragraph, every paragraph contains a clear topic sentence that is then developed throughout the paragraph, etc.). (I highly recommend writing a descriptive outline of your rough drafts for your own editing purposes). Your paper should be written in clear and coherent language, free of grammatical errors.
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