The History of Moneylending in the United Sates. (from the 16th century to present)


This is a basic idea of what I proposed for my paper: “This research paper will focus on the history and the evolution of loans. For the history portion, the focus will start in Renaissance and Reformation era when moneylenders were targets for ridicule, incarceration, humiliation and even butchering. Moneylending was frowned upon and given numerous unfavorable labels such as unnatural, immoral and vicious and was at one point condemned by the Catholic Church. There will be two perspectives covered by the research paper, those who oppose to money lending practices and those who support it. Among the supporters I will include writer Yaron Brooks opinion who defines moneylending as ?the lifeblood of industrial-technological society.? And states that if the practice of moneylending and its practitioners are condemned, they are condemned for furthering and enhancing man?s life on earth. The second portion of the research paper will address the evolution of loans, most popular types of loans, and the difference between money lending and usury. ”
The professor’s instructions were the following:
Papers should include the following:
(1) title page with a hypothesis-themed title, relevant class and contact information
(2) a table of contents page
(3) a sub-heading labelled ?introduction? at the beginning of the paper
(4) a hypothesis within the introduction paragraph(s)
(5) a sub-heading after the introduction section, showing the start of a well-defined body portion of the paper
(6) a sub-heading of ?conclusion? along with a conclusion section
(7) a bibliography page



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