the Impact of designations, communication skills and networking on career success


the Impact of designations, communication skills and networking on career success


1- This literature review was done last year by me, it was about the Impact of designations, communication skills and networking on career success
2- Now I would like to rewrite the literature review with new information using the 5 articles (based on the previous literature review )
3- But this time to add five scholarly articles and then have MLA references for those 5 sources and also, in text citation should be included (that I am willing to attach the 5 sources and feel free to add one or 2 from your own) which is used to write the new literature review.
4- Make sure to talk about Background/intro, bilingual, language skills, professional designation, networking, and conclusion accordingly.
5- Also change the current tense to past tense EX: as if we have done the study already.
Use these 5 articles:

2.1 Background/intro
What determines the success of individual?s future career?
Is it educational background, technical knowledge and skills, interpersonal and communication skills or combination of some or all? Multiple studies have determined that successful careers are not dependant on educational background and technical skill alone. There are many other factors that determine the success of an individual?s career. For our research purpose we have presumed three key factors: bilingual/presentation skills, obtaining professional designations and networking and discussed how effective they are at enhancing the success of the student?s future career.
2.2.1 Bilingual
It is no surprise that speaking more than one language can provide better or more career opportunities. According to 2006 Canadian census 2006, employment rates are higher for people who are bilingual in English/French as compare to knowing only one language, either English or French. (Figure 2.2.1.a)

In today?s economy, there is a great deal of importance given to communication skills. It is very important to communicate effectively and as economy is becoming more and more global, the significance of communicating in more than one language is also increasing. RosetaStone conducted a research and found that bilinguals get at least $10,000 higher average annual income than monolinguals.
2.2.2 Language Skills

Having strong language skills is an asset for graduating students who want to excel in their careers. Surveys confirm that presentation skills are vital to success in business and life (Sundberg). Public speaking is a great tool to advance your career, investing time to train yourself in public speaking creates many positive results. Firstly, many people are afraid of public speaking and don?t want to do it. Public speaking is rated as the world?s number one fear (Sundberg). Therefore if a young person entering the workforce has strong language and public speaking skills they will impress their peers and employers (Lloyd-Hughes). Another way public speaking helps your career is that it shows leadership, and organizations promote people with leadership qualities (Lloyd-Hughes). This is the reason why if student excel in public speaking they can get promoted quicker and build their personal brand (Sundberg). Training to become a better communicator does not only have an impact on how others see you. It is also a way to know and connect with yourself, by learning and believing in yourself you can undertake tasks in a positive manner (Lloyd-Hughes). Also, if you believe in yourself and show this strength in public forums it will inspire others to believe in what needs to be accomplished (Lloyd-Hughes). Change is sometimes hard because people can be afraid. However, a strong inspirational speaker can convince employees to try a new idea (Lloyd-Hughes). If students want to improve their speaking skills they can turn to programs such as Toastmasters (Sundberg). Toastmaster is a program that provides training for speaking skills which students can utilize to enhance their career options (Sundberg). The chart adapted from suggests that most desired skill for community managers is communication skill.
Label it and write its source?
2.3 Professional designation
Katie Bardaro, the lead economists at PayScale in Vancouver says, for white-collar jobs there are only a few ways a person can improve his pay and certifications are a top way to do that. (Dobson) is it for the previous statement or following? If for previous then should be before ?full stop? Studies suggest that students coming out of schools with designation will be at a higher level, two to five times faster than a regular graduate. Getting a designation shows higher level of commitment and encourages ongoing training and development and commitment to the profession. It gives the candidate the extra credibility for their updated knowledge. (Dobson)
Obtaining designations in financial services is seen as even more crucial as it is seen as a risk management tool by the employer and places a trust factor in clients eyes for their advisors.
CSI?s research has demonstrated that industry leading advisors are implementing comprehensive, integrated, service oriented and goal based advice and wealth management models and best practices that meet complex and diverse investor needs. Financial designations allow the designation holder to earn better premium and helps their career with development opportunities. (Financial)
Pyles, a financial advisor and partner at Cambridge financial services in Chandler, understands the importance of designation. ?I know some advisors say designations are not needed or a waste of time, but I totally disagree. Even if they don’t help earn more respect with prospects, it for sure helps an advisor stay up on their practice and be educated?, he says. (Anderson)
2.4 Networking
Networking is all about making connections and utilizing these connections to gain insight on career advice and learning about more job opportunities. Research shows that over 80% of jobs are not posted online but are obtained through connections. The literature review on social media suggests that the quality of social networks an individual has is more important than the number of contacts.
In this era of technology, social media also plays a vital role in job search or successful career landing. Multiple researches have been carried out to determine how many employers have started using social media network as a tool to hire select or reject a candidate. Reppler conducted a survey of 300 individuals who were involved at the hiring process at their companies. The purpose of the research was to determine how employers are screening candidates. Results indicated that 91% of those employers were using social media to screen prospective job applicants. Social networks they were using to screen candidates included Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. When asked whether they have ever rejected a candidate after social media screening? 69% responded positive and the main reason given was that the candidate lied about their qualification. 68% said they have hired a candidate after social media screening because what they saw about them online gave them positive impression about their personality. This explains how important it is to carefully manage ones image on social media networks in order to be successful at job search and future career success.
?Networking should be a fully integrated component of the life of every business person? (Lee). Therefore, this is a key aspect to be focused on for graduating students. The main reason networking is so important is because it, ?leads to stronger contacts and friendships that can help in every aspect of your work? (Lee). One of the best ways to network is by using the internet and social websites such as LinkedIn. A professional online presence is needed for any kind of career opportunity (Shin). According to PEW research, LinkedIn?s usage is high among Bachelor Degree holders and those with high income (Shin). These are the contacts that students want to connect with to further their careers and achieve success. LinkedIn is a great tool to connect with professionals at all levels (Shin). Entry-level, middle managers, and executives use LinkedIn to connect with current and former colleagues (Shin). ?Considering the benefits that connecting with professionals on LinkedIn brings, college students can never ignore this social networking platform? (UnderCover Recruiter). LinkedIn can help students find jobs as soon as they graduate (UnderCover Recruiter). There are many tools that LinkedIn provides for students. One example is job alerts, students can receive notifications for available jobs that they are interested in. Students can connect with professionals such as friends, coworkers, colleagues, classmates, and family members. On LinkedIn you can receive recommendations which is a great way to attracting an employer?s attention. If college students receive recommendations it will increase their employability. LinkedIn can also help students land international jobs. ?Students can connect with major international employers and find jobs in foreign countries? (UnderCover Recruiter).
2.5. Conclusion
Career success is not solely depended on education through universities and colleges. Factors such as interpersonal skills, language skills, professional designations and networking play an important role in determining success of an individual?s career. Multiple researches have been carried out that support the idea however they have only gotten employer?s point of view. We would like to get insight of students to see how important they think these factors are and what are they doing to enhance these skills.

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