Theory of audience on sustability


‘Drug injecting rooms should be decriminalized to ensure positive health outcomes for the drug dependent and society as a whole.”
This will be a debate on the ethical aspects implicated in this statement. I am the final speaker on the AGAINST side.MORALITY – injecting facilities are morally wrong on the grounds that they are promoting an illegal behavior and compromising the Hippocratic oath of non-maleficence through omission.
– The Attribution view of personhood says that it is a ‘status’ that we grant each other based on opinion, laws, customs of particular society.
– Social Dignity is bestowed or earned. The drug dependent are a drain on resources and impinge on wider society through their dependence on welfare and criminal activity to support their habits.
– The affirmative team has said that we should care for these people on religious and moral grounds, however Mr Paul Brazier, head of the Australian Catholics Advisory Centre, has written in the Brisbane Courier Mail (1/11/99, p. 15) of supervised injecting rooms that:?”Heroin injecting is intrinsically evil and providing heroin injecting rooms with all the impedimenta that goes with them is formal co-operation in the evil acts of others and can never be justified”
– Discuss immorality of drug abuse and religious forbiddance of it.
– The affirmative team also mentioned non-maleficence and the Hippocratic oath of doing no harm. How can you provide a place where people can inject themselves with a substance that is capable of killing them. I would argue that healthcare professionals working in such “safe” injecting rooms are harming these individuals through acts of omission, and encouragement of the addiction.
– Lastly, I would like to clarify a few points that the affirmative team has used to support their argument. They mentioned that the Libertarian view should be adopted in so far as protecting the autonomy of drug users by providing safe injecting rooms. However, they also alluded to distributive justice, and how resource allocation should be fair. I would like to point out that these views are contradictory and distributive justice would be a violation of autonomy and the individual rights of those who are not drug dependent.
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