Identify a health issue reported in the print media that is of interest to you – this will serve
as the subject of your assignment. You will need to attach a photocopy of it to the back of
your paper so the marker can review your selection.

Read the report edited by Wilkinson and Marmot, Social determinants of health: The solid
facts (2003), which can be accessed at

The authors identify ten (10) social determinants of health. In reality, several social determinants discussed in this report tend to impact on people at any one time. Demonstrate your understanding of this important document by explaining how any two (2) of the social determinants discussed in the report influence the health issue and the associated health outcomes mentioned in your media selection. To demonstrate further self-directed reading, your assignment must also draw on at least one (1) additional journal article that is relevant to your selected health issue and social determinants of health.


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