White Collar Crime Analytical Unit

Analytical Unit: White Collar Crimes


Reduce the amount of white-collar crimes in an area

Goals and Objectives:

Help get a reign on the white-collar crimes in the community and state
Remove the threat of fraud and crimes against innocent people
Reduce the occurrence of crimes such as money laundering and cases like the Enron case

Role of analysis within the department:

Research common white-collar crimes within the state
Analyze cases such as Enron and the Madoff case to ensure they do not happen again
Analyze the occurrence of bankruptcy fraud and insurance fraud
Analyze certain investigations such as adoption scams and social security card frauds to protect the public from future



1x Supervisor-This supervisor should be a senior officer that can act as a liaison between law enforcement officials and

the analytical unit
2x Senior Analyst- These senior analysts would assign tasks and roles to each analyst. The senior analyst would review

any and all information provided by the unit. The senior analyst shall report all findings to the department in order to

organize other task forces tailored to the popular crimes in that area
7-8x Analyst- Due to the shear size of the scope of white-collar crimes and the various forms they take there would be a

need for approximately seven to eight analysts. The analyst will collect and analyze the data collected in order to

prepare presentations for the supervisor to present to the departments in the area.


The procedures in the unit would be to identify white-collar crimes in the area, investigate the occurrence of the

crimes, and prepare summaries for the agencies involved.


The White-Collar unit will receive training in the areas they will specialize in such as an analyst in charge of frauds

in the corporate world receiving training in that field. Analysts will receive training in various other areas in order

to be versatile in the unit and assist other analysts when needed and to prepare just in case they receive tips about

other crimes in the area they haven’t had in the past.

Expected products:

The expected products of the gang activity unit would include, but not limited to:

Data Base of all white-collar crimes in the state
Create pie charts and other ways to plot the occurrence of certain crimes such as identity theft
Mapping products that identify spatial data
Create profiles for law enforcement to act and make arrests for crimes the unit discovered.
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