Workplace investigations


Incorporate your Midterm Exam into a single document that comprehensively covers your fictitious case from start to finish. Your Midterm Exam assignment will be the first half of this project. You may modify the sections of your midterm to more logically represent your investigation and otherwise refine or expand your midterm submission.

Whereas the Midterm Exam focused on the investigative objectives (the 6 methods of investigation), and project management/case development, the final project will assess your ability to comprehensively and logically use a specific strategy to solve your fictitious case. You will choose and apply 1 investigative strategy to successfully resolve your fictitious case. In addition, include a discussion of possible legal challenges and litigation avoidance comments. Lastly, briefly discuss alternatives to investigation.

As with the midterm, use APA format including a title page, a brief introduction, the 4 titled sections from the midterm, the following 4 titled sections, and a brief conclusion (do not include an abstract for this assignment). Be sure to adjust your introduction and conclusion from your midterm to represent the finished product. Use in-text and reference citations as necessary.

1. The Chapter 6 strategy you are applying to resolve the case, clearly stated and identified as an introductory paragraph to your strategy application.

2. A systematic (step-by-step) and thorough description of how (specifically) the strategy will be applied [3-4 pages].

3. Legal challenges that you may have to confront or be of concern as you investigate. Furthermore, any appropriate litigation avoidance comments [1-2 pages].

4. Other investigative options. Considering the options listed on p. 489, if your employer/client did not wish to pursue a costly, intrusive and/or disruptive investigation, would the listed option(s) work in your case? [1 page]


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