University of New Mexico Melrose Trading Post Analysis I have attached a document with 2 separate sites in Los Angeles that represents, inspires, instructs

University of New Mexico Melrose Trading Post Analysis I have attached a document with 2 separate sites in Los Angeles that represents, inspires, instructs, reminds, admonishes, exemplifies, and/or offers opportunities for emotional connection for those who visit. This place ought to call attention to itself (meaning it is not secret or hidden from public view). And underneath are points as to why the site does represents, inspires, instruct…Write an analysis of the points for each site; What you understood the points to be, the ways you thought the points and reasons were brilliant, what might be added to the analysis for greater depth/detail of examination, whether you agree or disagree with the argument, where the analysis might be applied to a different memory place and so on. These responses are to be 2 pages each (12-point font, double spaced), so total 4 pages. (2 pages for the Melrose Trading Post and 2 pages for the Hollywood Walk of Fame) Melrose Trading Post

Open air flea market in Fairfax district. Because it’s a staple LA thing that would be a
good memory place for symbolizing LA identity.

Hipster populated area encapsulated LA identity of being unique and diverse and original
through being a memory place propagates its own identity.

The memory place component can be experienced through relationship of space and

As you’re walking through it you think about movement and boundaries; signifies the
way memory partakes in senses, how you make connections with others, and make
relationships with vendors.

Offers opportunities for emotional connection. Invites interaction: Way merchant and
buyer talk to each other.

You identifying with them and their work creates an opportunity to create your own
identity through it.

Diverse and original people. Come together and have this communal identity.

Trading post values and legitimizes pursuing sense of self through fashion and stuff you

Most people who go there have the same sense of fashion and this flea market basically
brings them together along with their work that is appreciated.

Power on the bodies. Touch clothing, smell candles. People take pictures. Using your
senses to do that. People share their unique transcending characteristics.

Unite communities through art, education, and enterprise.
Hollywood Walk of Fame

Entertainment industry had its origin in Hollywood, so it serves as a public memory
space for its historical roots. Epitomizes fame and success.

Situated in the exact place where entertainment boomed, Hollywood. Has the authority of
being in the actual place where entertainment started.

Guy who made it wanted to glorify the community whose names means glamour and
glory. Calling attention to itself .

Memory places are continuously evolving, not limited to their initial construction. as each
star gets added our definition of fame and success keeps evolving; Connecting the
professionals of the past with professionals of the present.

Techne- coral pink stars. Emblems on each that tells you what exact industry he/she was
involved in. The buildings and atmosphere. Walk of fame is the centerpiece of
Hollywood, the idea of the walk of fame is still there. Attracts tourism. Visitors
participate in hollywood culture . authentic. Free.

Souvenir shops emphasize independent success. In terms of power, validates certain
people and ignores others.

Apart of the fabric of history. Represents public memory, but can be one sided, includes
some and excludes others.

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