Analyze “In the Land of the Free”


Analyze “In the Land of the Free”
Write an essay in which you analyze”In the Land of the Free”. Closely examine the story’s elements such as its characters or setting, or their relationship to each other. Your purpose is to interpret the story, that is, to explain what you believe to be the story’s deeper meaning. To accomplish this goal, you will need to incorporate details and quotations from the story into your essay. You may write about more than one theme.

You will also need to get 2 additional outside sources that will help explain and support the points you are making. This might include definitions of the elements you are explaning, explanations of the historical context and issues, background information about the author, information/background about the theme you are writing about, etc.

Essay should include: interesting introduction that clearly states the point you are making.
2. references to the story in the form of paraphrase and quotation
3. clear support and explanation of how your theme is represented in the story
4. use of 2 outside sources that give relevant information about your topic
5. a logical conclusion


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