Business Integration


Business Integration

The case situation before you involves aspects of management that you have not formally considered in other courses. It is expected you have developed skills to address business problems. It is also expected you have the wherewithal to locate and use information sources, so that critical insight and informed judgement is applied in resolving identified problems. Within your group work address the key issues aligned to a selected focus or topic. Make full use the source literature to produce an integrated analysis of the business challenges Air Asia faces.


Read the case:

Lawton, T & Doh, J 2011, ‘The Ascendance of Air Asia: building a successful budget airline in Asia,’ in G, Hubbard & P, Beamish, Strategic Management: Thinking, Analysis, Action (pp. 431-443), 4th edn, Pearson Australia, Frenchs Forest, NSW
## this is the Question ##
1. Does the strategy, structure and systems created by Air Asia were successful in delivering shareholder value?

Prepare the Group Essay ensuring you:

•Explain the selected topic/focus in relation to manifest issues in the case,
•Provide a précis or summary of the selected articles,
•Explain each article’s relevance to the case,
•Apply critical thinking skills
•Apply learning from the articles to address the implementation of strategy.
This task is best completed in the following way:

•Identify how the articles contribute to your interpretation of the “focus or topic” as a group.
•Explain how the articles relate to each other and with particular set readings in the course.
•Provide evidence of problems/issues from the case to illustrate or confirm the points argued or presented in each article.
•State whether the assumptions or arguments in the articles offer any guidance to management or may help resolve issues constraining strategy implementation as described in the case.
Tips or suggestions for retrieving useful/informative refereed articles:

•Use the EBSCOHOST database; it is one of the more comprehensive databases aside from the Emerald database.
•Use Google Scholar it is also very useful – the cited by button is handy for selecting a related article. You are more likely to find related articles using this selection technique.
•Study the abstracts carefully and think critically about the content of selected articles to your advantage


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