Case Management Plan Essay

This assignment builds on your needs assessment assignment (Assignment #1). You will use the same client (movie character) and agency context used

your first assignment. In the Case Management Plan Essay you are required to develop a comprehensive case management plan using the proforma

provided on the course website to address the unmet needs identified in your needs assessment. Based on feedback from your 1st assignment you may

revise your needs assessment if necessary before completing the Case Management (CM) Plan proforma. Your needs assessment matrix as submitted with

1st assignment, a revised needs assessment (if revised) and a comprehensive case management plan proforma must be attached as appendices (2-3 in

total) to your assignment.
Below is a suggested structure that will ensure you address all of the assessment criteria. The suggestions are intended to be a guide only.

Before starting the essay ensure you have completed the CM Plan proforma. The essay is a discussion of your CM plan and therefore must be

completed before attempting the essay.
1. Complete the Case Management Plan – ensuring that all needs identified in your needs assessment are addressed in the CM plan. Please

ensure that:
• Goals address identified needs
• Goals are SMART (see lecture notes)
• Long term goals should be broken into short term goals
• Consider arranging your CM Plan in order of the CM priorities (i.e> what is most important or urgent for the client)
• Resources and intervention strategies should be appropriate for the agency
(30/100 marks are allocated to the CM Plan)

Suggested essay structure
1. Introduction
2-3 sentences stating the purpose of the essay (check writing guide). Be sure to briefly provide some context for your work such as who your

client is (reference movie) and state agency context (approx. 100 words).

2. Decide on the 3 goals (including associated shorter term or sub goals) which are the highest priority in meeting client needs. Describe

and discuss each goal. Provide a rationale for the priority of each goal (i.e. why you consider this goal to be a priority) and support your

rationale with evidence from the literature. (30/100 marks are allocated to this discussion of goal priorities.) (approx.650 words).

3. Discuss the intervention strategies and/or resources for each of the 3 top priority goals. Include a rationale for each intervention based

on evidence from the literature. (30/100 marks are allocated to this discussion of intervention strategies) (approx. 650 words).

4. Conclusion – 2 sentences (approx. 50-100 words)

5. Be sure you have attached your original needs assessment matrix, revised needs assessment matrix (if revised) and CM Plan as appendices!!

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