ENTR4501 – Planning for Growth Ventures

Groupon – Assignment

Case questions: (answer these questions!): Provide sufficient analysis / thought to your answers.
1. What are the strengths and weaknesses of Groupon’s business. Consider business model, financing strategy, expansion, personnel / organization, go-to-market strategy, competitive position, and any other relevant fact?
2. How did Andrew Mason’s personality permeate and influence the company. What were the pluses and minuses of his personality? Deal with issues around culture, management team, board, and being a public company. What were the organizational issues?
3. In 2010 when Google made the offer, what do you think was Google’s qualitative and quantitative assessment of Groupon and why do you think they wanted to purchase them?
4. Would you accept or reject the offer from Google?
a. If you were a board member what would you be considering? Think of financial issues, financing issues, organization, competitors, etc.
b. Was the valuation of Groupon by Google fair, great or undervalued? Provide basis for your conclusion. And, what financial analysis would you do to determine the fairness of the offer?
5. What did you think of the board and their actions? Consider their actions:
a. in managing / organizing the company,
b. the offer from Google,
c. and the decision to go public.
6. Strategically, was it a good decision to go public? How did it affect their operations?


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