Field Research Paper

What is field research?
The field research is a learning opportunity for students to demonstrate their understanding intercultural communication

and intercultural relations issues in a variety of settings within the business environment. Students will choose a

workplace context: business organization, non-profit organization or international/overseas work to investigate and

What is the scope of the field research?
The field research will identify, describe, and discuss the issues, challenges and opportunities of living and working in

a diverse, cross-cultural environment. The field research paper should be presented using the appropriate concepts and

theories discussed in class.
The field research will explore and examine relevant issues in any of the following areas:
 Intercultural communication and relationships among workers from diverse cultural backgrounds
 Intercultural communication and relationship between supervisor and subordinate of different cultures
 Experiences of organizations who have adopted or integrated diversity
 working internationally
 Intercultural negotiations
 Experiences of visible minorities in the Canadian business sector
 Developing cultural intelligence and intercultural sensitivity
 Self-Reflection of your own experience of diversity and intercultural learning
 The Temporary Foreign Worker Program (experience, challenges, critique, improvements etc.) or other governments

sponsored programs related to Diversity,
Job Equity, or Immigration-related job issues.
If you have other topics that are not included in this list, please consult the instructor to confirm relevance to the

The field research is neither a country profile nor a cultural profile project. The field research will be presented

through a paper that will cover a discussion of the areas chosen and the appropriate theoretical or conceptual framework.

It will also suggest strategies to overcome barriers to successful intercultural business relations as well as ways to

enhance intercultural communication and create inclusive organizations. As a final section, the field research paper

should include your personal reflection of how the field research process has increased your understanding and awareness

of cross-cultural issues.
What is the format of the field research?
The paper should be thoroughly researched, documented, scholarly, typewritten, double spaced, proofread, and original.

Use 12-pt font, double space and 10-12 pages, excluding references. The paper should include a cover page with the title

and the name of the student.
Use APA Style (American Psychological Association) for your citations and references. Please consult the Library if you

need help with citations and references.
DUE DATE – See Syllabus
There will be no extensions to the deadline. However, late papers will be accepted with the corresponding deduction of 1

point (1/25) each day of delayed submission for up to 5 days after which no late submission will be accepted and a grade

of zero will be awarded.
Getting started
▪choose an area of interest from the list above; if you have another topic you want to pursue outside of that list,

please consult the instructor.
▪Once you have chosen your area of interest, review the literature to find published information and narrow your topic.
▪define the population (the people or subjects) of your study, and decide the method or instrumentation of data

collection. For example, you can survey a group of people, or you can visit and interview organizations that have diverse

workforces or serve multicultural communities. Prepare a formal letter to the appropriate person in the organization

about your intention of gathering data for your course requirement.
▪If you are using published documents as sources of information, look for case studies highlighting diversity actions or

initiatives in organizations.
▪Interpret the results of your findings and connect them to your topic & thesis.
The field research paper is 25% your grade for the course. The following criteria will be used for evaluating the field

research paper.
1. Content (30) points
The field research paper should:
 Include a clear introductory paragraph explaining the concept to be discussed
 Provide a thesis statement which clearly identifies the way you will approach the subject in the report.
 Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts learned in class and how these concepts are applied to the specific

 Describe the issues based on available evidence such as facts and figures or other information you have collected,

including any media articles.
 Explain, analyze, and interpret the results of your findings the issues using concepts and theories covered in the

class discussions and readings.
 Conclude by offering insights or creative ideas on what could be done to address the issues or maximize opportunities

identified in the paper.
 Include a personal reflection section which will answer this: what did I learn about myself from this experience?
2. Organization (20)
 Logical organization of ideas (5%)
There is a coherent and consistent flow of ideas within each section and from one section to another.
 Clear elements (5%)
There is a structure and format in the paper – an introduction, which includes a clear thesis statement, a body which

identifies key points and provides facts and details, and a conclusion which summarizes the ideas presented in the

 Elements of effective writing (5%)
The paper demonstrates effective writing practice such as correct spelling, grammar, word usage, punctuation and

 References (5%)
The reports demonstrates efforts at citing or referencing three or more credible sources within the text, includes

accurate citation formatting, and a correctly presented and formatted (as per APA guidelines) reference page.
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