former colony and discuss the country?s independence movement

the rise of imperialism and global dominion by a handful of countries, the last two weeks details the birth of nationalist independence movements across the globe. Your objective for this assignment is to identify a former colony and discuss the country?s independence movement. You may choose any former colony from the Latin American; African or Asian continents (choose only one colony). This assignment must have two parts.

I. The first part of this assignment is to summarize your colony?s independence movement. In 250 words (1 page), summarize the movement?s major leaders, events, and acts of legislation. You should also discuss how independence came about (e.g. did it come in the form of a revolution, peaceful petition, or did the home country grant the colony independence?). You must Use the following sources to support your summary.
3. Edgar, Robert R., et. al. Civilizations Past and Present, New York: Pearson, Longman 2008.

II. The second part, upon completing your summary, identifies and discusses the role of the primary political ideology that fueled the independence movement. Do you think the independence movement formed a government that accurately reflects the ideology?s primary values, why or why not? Provide your response in 750 words (3 double-spaced pages). You must use two academic journal articles to support your answer from only the following website.

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