Incident Response:

JLA Enterprise first responders arrived at 5607 Main Ave Brooklyn Maryland and met with the Origami Enterprise employees who escorted the first responders to four workstations that had recently been flagged by firewall logs as attempting outbound connections on TCP port 3389, commonly associated with Remote Desktop (RDP). The four systems were Dell Desktop computers model number 4300 with three systems powered on JLA first responders proceeded to collect volatile data from the three workstations that were running…”

Feel free to tell a story, read a story and use their data, or generate a response if you have the resources. The goal is to put the information you have learned in the class back together in narrative format. The grading will be based on applying proper procedures to description to show that you can tell what steps to take and where evidence might be or look like.

You are hired by JLA Enterprise to conduct a Forensic Examination after a network intrusion occurs at their corporate office. Your job is to determine the source of the network intrusion and provide as much information regarding the attack as possible. Here are some things to consider when explaining what happened during the network intrusion:


• What time did the attack happen?

• How did the hacker get into the network?

• What computers were compromised?

• What computers were accessed?

• What data was extracted from the network?

• What type of attack was conducted?

• How long did the attacker have access to the network?

• Is there any persistence on the network for future attacks?


You are asked to conduct a forensics examination of the network and provide a forensic report explaining what happened during the attack and what corporate data was compromised. The report should cover the above information, as well as create a timeline that shows the attack from the initial stages of the attack to when the data was extracted from the network.

Your submission should be about 3 to 5 pages (not including the title page and the references page) long in APA format with proper citations and references if you are using them. It will be subjected to checking against plagiarism. The final product must follow acceptable originality criteria (no more than 15% max total, and 2% per individual source match are allowed).

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