issues is education

This focus asks you to look at how the media and politics portray a range of issues and contexts in schooling, to investigate that issue and come to a conclusion about it based on your informed opinion. As you will develop your topic based on the portrayal of an issue from reports in the media, you will need to include three mainstream media items (newspaper, magazine, news video) with your submission.
Social narratives of teachers, schools and schooling: Inquiring into an educational issue in the media and politics.

The topics that you can select from are:

1. Social narratives about teacher quality:
– Standards for teachers.
– Teaching: accountability and performance
2. Social narratives and 21st century learning: Teaching during changing times
3. Social narratives and curriculum reform as a political response to social issues
Use the framework below for writing and submitting your report:


Report : You should report the focus on the inquiry, discussing the ‘big picture’ contexts and questions in relation to the topic – What is the topic? Why does it warrant inquiry? What are the ‘sides’ of the argument? How does it fit into the broader educational issue or context?

Review : You should provide a review of current and topical literature in relation to the inquiry that provides a critical yet balanced discussion of the topic. Although you will need to provide evidence of reading throughout, this section of the report needs to provide a review of recent or relevant literature to the topic – evidence-based and credible. A starting point would be a minimum of 10 references.

Reason : You should explore the relationship between relevant theory and practice to provide a rounded discussion of the topic.

Reconstruct : You should discuss the implications of your inquiry to your future professional practice. This may involve developing general principles, formulating personal-yet-informed theories of teaching or taking a stand or position on an issue.