Literature Review Week Two

Part I: Select a fact about one of the authors this week that you found most interesting and tell us why: I picked Jbumpa Lahiri who wrote “The Third and Final Continent”. I found that a female writer from India was embraced in even cultures that don’t accept women as equals.

Part II: If you had to choose only one aspect of who you are that is predominant in your identity, what would it be? My answer is that I love to learn. Why? My answer is that many people don’t like extended learning. With that in mind, what character could you best relate to this week? My answer is that I relate to the protagonist of “The Third and Final Continent” since he continues his education.
Part III: (The work is “The Third and Final Continent”, the protagonist, and please analyze the protagonist and book details for Part III answers) Select one of the works this week. Discuss how one of the characters defines him or herself. Take a look at another character in the same work. Does that character perceive that person the same way? How do their definitions differ? For instance, you may discuss how Mother defines herself and how her husband sees her. Be sure to support your response with cited evidence from the text.

I put “notes” and portions of my answers if I was completing this within parts I, II, and III above along with instructions. I will also upload information on the book and author I chose for this assignment and/or order.
“Third and Final Continent” book summary link: