Marketing two buying situations


2) Choose two purchase situations from the above. Compare and contrast these situations by considering the factors that existed at the time of purchase (such as in-house promotions, store layout and customer service) or prior to it (such as advertising; psychological and demographic variables) which influenced your purchase decision.

3) Discuss these two buying situations by critically examining the relevance of:

a) various psychological variables (that you may have covered in the class and others you may have come across in your reading). For instance you might argue that you have held a strong attitude towards a particular issue such as child labour, which has influenced your buying in the clothing context. Provide evidence from the literature (secondary sources) to back up your discussion. For instance the relevance of attitudes as discussed by others academics .

b) various demographic variables and as above provide evidence from the literature to back up your discussion.
4) Choose the most appropriate decision making models available in the literature and discuss
the stages you adopted whilst buying. However if your identified buying stages do not fit in
with the existing models you may suggest a variation and describe it.



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