Mobile application analysis

Analysis Paper#3: Mobile application analysis 500 words In your third and final analysis assignment. chose an app from the Apple App Store and analyze it according to its effectiveness. While you may choose any app including games. the more successful analyses will invetigae apps that function as tools or information sources rather than as pure entertainment. As many apps are free, you are encouraged though not required to analyze a free app. Lastly, while many leading websites and social media platforms have associated apps, you are encouraged to choose an app that is selfcontained. If you do not have access to a smartphone or a iPad or are not able to borrow one to complete the assignment, please see the instructor about using a University device. Drawing upon the course readings and discussions of ios7 app design, and our work on rhetorical analysis, investigate a app with respect to its effectiveness. Consider the following questions: What are the goals of the app and to what degree are they achieved? Does the app address the needs of users Does the app make effective use of the iOS7 design features? ls the app navigable? Is it clearly organized? How does the app use writing and text? Are they used in rhetorically successful ways? w does the app use image, animation. and sound in ways that help achieve its goals? overall. how does the app function rhetorically? In your introduction, briefly introduce the app, its purpose, and its central features. offer a thesis statement assessing the degree to which it achieves its purpose. As in previous analysis assignments, draft a series of body paragraphs analyzing specific elements of app


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