Opreation managment Cause


Required: You can work with one Student ONLY for this assignment.
Part 1
In the end of each chapter of the eBook (operations management), you will find some case studies, Solve 3 of these case

• Write one paragraph about the case. (35 marks)
• Solve the question, which are on the end of each case. (25 marks)
Note: – Do not solve more than one case from any chapter.
Note: – you have to select your cases from one of following groups, and please write your group number in your report.
Group 1: chapter 1, chapter 5, chapter 8, chapter 9, and chapter 11
Group 2: chapter 2, chapter 6, chapter 9, chapter 12, and chapter 14
Group 3: chapter 3, chapter 4, chapter 7, chapter 12, and chapter 15
Group 4: chapter 4, chapter 6, chapter 8, chapter 13, and chapter 15

Part 2
Select one case form the previous cases, which you selected before and explain where you can apply the same concepts in

one of UAE institutions. No case study from telecommunications, Banking & Airlines sectors are required.
(30 marks)
• Write the name of the suggested institution.
• Explain why you select this institution.
• Explain how the case’s ideas can be used in selected institution.
Part 3
(10 marks) for technical writing.

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