pepsi and coca cola material and handling in UAE

LOG 2203: Materials Handling Technology
Report Guide-Lines
Materials Handling Technology LOG 2203
Section: CGM & CGI
Spring Semester 2015
Students are required to submit a report regarding specific topic / Issue / Obstacle / Case study/ or Materials
handling technology applied in the UAE or any other Gulf Countries.
As presented in the course syllabus, this report is worth 20% of your final grade for the course.
The Report should be in the range (20 -25 pages), Hard copy & Soft Copy to be submitted to the instructor.
Make sure that the title and ALL sub contents of the project are approved by the instructor prior your
initial work on the project.
Important Dates:
Make sure you hand in a hard copy, and a soft copy on a C.D of the report during the class period on
Tuesday 26th
– May-2015 for section CGM, and on WED, 27th
– May – 2015
Late Submission:
Any late submission of the dates mentioned above will lead to deduction of the overall grade of your report.
A penalty of 2% deduction per day will apply for late submission of this report (If submitted after six days
of the specified completion date, the report will receive zero mark).
Font size 12 is required to use beyond the cover page and the table of content page. Spacing between lines
should not be more than 1.5 is required, except for headings or titles. Locate references in the text as needed,
and use the brackets to indicate these references.
Labe all the figures, and graphs, don’t present any figures without elaborating on it in your report.
A Safe Assign software will be used to check your report, No direct copying is allowed, (Copy and paste from
any source). You must use own English. If you are directly copying from any source, and exceeding 25%
which will be identified by the Safe Assign software, your report will be rejected with zero grade and you will
be penalized according to HCT rules and regulations.
LOG 2203: Materials Handling Technology
Guide-lines for the report content
A cover page, with all important details (Institution, Course #, Course Title, section, date of submission, …etc.)
1- Table of content page
2- Abstract
3- Introduction to the topic
4- Reasoning behind choosing your project.
5- Literature review , or any suitable material
6- Description of the project, specifications, details…etc. (This section might include many sub titles)
7- Available data and information including figure and pictures from site if available
8- Design categories
10- Benefits of the implementation of the chosen project
11-Any further information that could enhance your report
12- Results and conclusion
14- Appendix
Example on references inside the body of the report:
Force is usually equal to the mass of the object multiplied by acceleration acting on it (1).
This formula might be changed in the general form depending on the application, but the content and the
principle applies to all cases, as a result, since you changed in the statement, but still not your idea, you need
to provide a reference at the end of the paragraph as shown: —————————————– (1)
And in the references page number 1 reference Must be the one mentioned above.
If you are directly quoting from a source you should use the brackets” such as : “ ————————— ” (2)
In the reference page be consistent by using only one form reference style for your materials.
LOG 2203: Materials Handling Technology
Suggested Topics : You are not limited to the topics listed below, Approval of the topic by the
instructor is a must prior starting your report.
 Material Handling Systems at the Ports of the UAE
 Warehousing and Material Handling Systems in the UAE
 Transportation Systems in the UAE
 Economical Impact of Logistics and sufficient Material Handling and Transportation
 Green Logistics and Packaging.
 Logistics from Historical Perspectives in the UAE.
 Etihad Railways.
 Jabal Ali Port Logistic Systems
 Solid Waste Material Handling in the UAE
 Material Handling in Airports
 Cargo Systems and Opreations
 Import and Export Goods in the UAE