Personal Essay for the Dental School Application: Explain your motivation to seek a career in DENTISTRY. Discuss your philosophy of the dental profession and indicate your goals relevant to the profession.

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This is a personal statement for the application to dental school. I previously wrote a personal statement before hand already, but I feel it is not strong enough or has numerous grammar errors since English is my second language. I have attached it below as a reference, if the original can be kept but written a more proper matter I would appreciate it. I would like these 6 things to be included:
1) emphasis on how getting my braces in Mexico sparked my interest in dentistry: more information about this, I had very bad teeth formation as a child, my parents could not afford the braces here in the U.S. therefore, we chose to get my braces in Mexico, driving 14 hours every 2 months for my braces to be tightened.
2) shadowing: I was introduced as mentioned earlier to dentistry when I met my general dentist Dr. Amador in Mexico. She served in a small city, called Ameca, in jalisco, where she provided services to underserved individuals who had no knowledge of dentistry what so ever. She was passionate about her job and in majority of the cases didn’t charge her patients, provided free services, patients knew her around the city as Bella, translated to english as beautiful. She was loved. i learned the importance of patient-dentist relationship, interaction between your patients. I also learned how dentistry allow manual dexterity that benefits the patient. Dentistry improves the lives of others. This dentist was the dentist who put my braces on, her clinic was full of also patients who traveled from afar like myself to seek her services.
3) Community Service: Volunteered for TMOM in san antonio. Free services that are given to patients by doctors all over the U.S. learned how passionate dentists are about their job, served as a translator. Community service for San antonio Christian dental clinic offers free services to underserved community population of san antonio, majority are hispanics.
4) Science: particpated in 2014 SMDEP program,Summer medical and dental education program at the Texas Medical Center in Houston, Tx. participated in health policy workshops, clinical shadowing, dental simulations clinics and took enrichment courses in basic sciences. learned that dentistry is the career for me.
5) Work in the ER for numerous methodist hospitals, learned how we need to teach our patients. Working as a team is important, interacting with patients is important, patients need to be comfortable with us.
6) Future goals: I come from a disadvantage background, wish to open dental clinics that cater to hispanic communities, majority of hispanics don’t know the importance of oral care to their overall health. Bilingual: hispanics feel more comfortable with medical staff that speak their language. Can relate to the underserved populations, came from one. Wish to provide affordable services to pateints, i see in the ER numerous individuals coming in for dental pain asking for affordable dental clinics that are available to them, i want to make this accessible. Overall, want to improve the oral health care of hispanics and serve a teacher.

If you have any more questions, please let me know.
**in addition, the max is 5,000 characters as you may know that is provided space for the essay.
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