relationship between gender and occupation in Abu Dhabi Police

General Info.:
This research project is based on a previous research that is attached, and mainly focused on relationship between gender and occupation, so please refer to the attached research to make a similar new project but based on United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Police personals.
Write about “relationship between gender and occupation in Abu Dhabi Police “, You will need to include the following information in your project:

Theoretical Framework and Topic Statement: In this section you are expected to describe in detail the context of the research, and your research question.

1. Introduction
Outline for the purpose of the project and why relationship between gender and occupation in Abu Dhabi police was chosen, 1 page maximum summarizing the objectives of your project

2. Abstract:
One page in which you summarize your research. It will include the objectives, methodology, and the findings.

3. relationship between gender and occupation in Abu Dhabi police
• Brief history of Abu Dhabi police
• Historical background about relationship between gender and occupation (globally and in United Arab Emirates)
• How the gender will effect the type of work occupation that man or woman will have (taking in consideration middle eastern culture and norms)
• What are the main factors that will shape the work occupation in term of gender equality issues
4. Hypothesis:
• Why woman work in humanity side positions (for example nurses or teachers)
• Why men prefer to work in powerful positions (police, army)

5. Methodology:
• What are the sources of the data?

Will be attached a questionnaire sample in the last page of the attached research, this questioner supposed to be used in this research.(needed to be conducted for 80 person working in Abu Dhabi Police – imaginary- 50 females, 30 males ,so please an excel sheet is needed with the findings)

• Did you do a survey/interview/observation? Did you get the data from websites? Discuss

Here you will describe the methods you chose to use in order to reach your objective, which is to find pertinent answers to the questions you developed in the topic statement. In the case of an empirical project (in which, for example, you would need to give a questionnaire to individuals or companies) you will be required to describe the sample’s characteristics. Moreover, you need to be clear about research designs (quantitative or qualitative; descriptive or coloration; or primary or secondary).

Please describe the questioner that is given and why the questions was asked (the attached research would help)

6. Results:
• (Please refer for the attached document, as similar charts are needed to be done with figures of maximum 80 people, 50 females, 30 males)

7. Conclusion & Recommendations:
Relevant information to serve as the conclusion, Based upon the critical analysis of your findings you will be required to provide recommendations that, in your opinion, would help to increase women role in engaging in an occupation with more powerful role (military, police, diplomat)

8. Reference list
• to be from articles and academic journals , and from leader ship books like: Yukl, Gary (8thed). Leadership in Organizations. Pearson. (ISBN: 978-0-13815714-2)
• Abu Dhabi police
• United Arab Enirates ministry of interior