Wilde Criticism

Here is the instruction given by the professor:”In your fourth blog posting, you will assert an argument that analyzes at least two quotations from chapters 10-20 of Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray in light of two following essays:
Michael Patrick Gillespie, “Picturing Dorian Gray: Resistant Readings in Wilde’s Novel” (in the additional files)
Jonathan Goldman, chapter one from Modernism is the Literature of Celebrity (in the addition files)
Consider the arguments that the critics make and the passages they analyze from Wilde’s novel. You can refer to and draw on their observations in your posing, and even disagree with or respond to their interpretations, citing and quoting or paraphrasing the articles appropriately. Support your argument with your analysis of evidence from the novel, which often takes the shape of quotations. Your posting can address such topics as Wilde’s composition of the novel, celebrity, science, the city, art, photography, or painting.

Your posting must also analyze and include an image from the 1973 or 2009 films of Dorian Gray.

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