Safari tourism in Kanya


Project Overview:
This assessment involves preparing a comprehensive literature review on the topic of your choice. This topic should be closely related to the Tourism and Hospitality Industry. The topic should be approved by the teacher by week 4.
Overall aim:
Students will undertake a literature search on a chosen topic. For that purpose, they will generate key words and elaborate a strategy for their literature search. Using this strategy, they should first identify a minimum of 12 sources related to the topic. Only academic sources (articles or books) should be selected. Once selected, these sources should be critically reviewed and compared in the form of a literature review respecting the academic rules of writing.

Special instructions:

• Academic sources (minimum 12) should examine the same topic yet from different perspectives and written by different authors.
• Use APA referencing.
• All sources used should be first-hand and available to the student in full text.
• All sources used should be submitted in a Zip file (for non-electronic sources a scan of the cover page(s) should be included in the Zip file)
• Claims and assertions should be supported by evidences.
• The referred material should be integrated into your sentences.
• Avoid long quotations and paraphrase instead.
• Word count: 2000 words (+/-10%)
• Layout: a Word template is provided and its use is compulsory
the statement of authorship included in the template should be signed.


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